Matobo Range

The Matobo range is pre-finished using Lobasol natural oils. Our Loba oils bring out the natural beauty and colours in the timber. Lobasol oils have very low VOC and air dry to give a natural feel.
We recommend glue down installations using Wakol flooring adhesives and vapour barrier. Brush floors are a popular trend and our brushing facility can brush wood lightly or heavily to accentuate the colours and textures of the grain.

Matobo Fashion Range

Our fashion trend colours use Zimbo's water-based stains for an eco-friendly solution that is pleasant on the eye!
The colour stains are then coated with Loba Markant Natural oil which combines the latest technology from Germany with our water-based solutions to create beautiful wooden strip floors.
Our sales team is available for advice and armed with a variety of samples for trade and retail customers.

Matobo Traditional

This range incorporates colours that occur from natural wood species around the world. To maintain the colour use Loba natural oils to give a soft a natural feel to your timber flooring from Zimbo's.

Nyanga Range

The Nyanga range us pre-finished using Lobasol natural oils. Our water-based varnishes provide a natural finish and are available in extra Matt, Matt, half Matt, and high gloss.

Nyanga Fashion

Our range of fashion trend colours is designed to give your home a natural look.
The colour stains are coated with Loba Viva Matt varnish which is durable and natural in appearance creating a beautiful wooden strip floor.
We can mix colours to match any sample you provide us with and our sales team is standing by with friendly and competent advice.

Nyanga Traditional

This range incorporates rich and warm. natural colours from wood species around the world.
Bring out the natural grain of the Oak flooring with maximum visual impact by using Loba products. Loba water-based varnish will give a durable and natural finish to your flooring.

Vumba Range

Our smoked range captures the misty mood of the Vumba mountains in Zimbabwe. The multiple shades of Grey represent the swirling Grey mists surrounding the mountain for most of the year.
The range is pre-finished using Lobasol natural oils with very low VOC and air dry to capture a natural feel.

Vic Falls Range

Brushed floors are trending and this is why we at Zimbo's Trading have our own brushing facility and can brush the wood from light to heavy, accentuating colours and textures of the grain.

Mana Range

The Mana Range consists of exotic timber flooring pre-finished with Lobasol natural oil or Lobadur water-based finishes.
The finished floor is generally more durable particularly with respect to kitchen areas where spillage of foods and liquids are a problem: eg. restaurants, homes with pets, or bars. Lobasol oils air dry and give a more natural feel to timber. The natural oils are also easily repairable.

Cinzento Range

This custom made vintage range is handcrafted, deep brushes and black filled for a magnificent looking floor.
The 220mm wide planks, are 15mm thick with a 4mm Oak top layer and are 2200mm in length. They can be either smoked for a rich chocolate underlying tone or left in their natural state, and then enhanced with Loba colour oils or water-based varnishes.


Our bespoke parquet flooring is known for diversity and varied applications.
Zimbo's Trading represents German company Loba, known for their high-quality natural oils and water-based varnishes. The Chimanimani range is pre-finished using either Lobasol natural oils or Lobadur waterbased varnishes.

Zambezi Range

This range comprises of solid Zimbabwean teak flooring known for its strength, durability and striking character.
The Zambezi range is pre-finished using either Lobasol natural oils or Lobadur waterbased varnishes. Lobadur water-based varnishes are known for their natural finishes and are available in extra matt, matt, half matt and high gloss.

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