All of the finishing processes associated with our wooden flooring products are done using South African skilled workers, under our control in the Zimbos manufacturing plant using top quality German products.

Pre Treatment of wooden flooring

Zimbos Trading has recently acquired a pre finishing plant from Europe from one of the leading manufacturers in this field. This has given us massive flexibility as compared to other companies who import pre finished flooring directly from Asia and Europe with a 10 week lead time. Not only can we produce the product quickly and easily, without long lead times, we can also finish our quality flooring with one of the world leaders in floor coatings, Company Loba from Germany. This means that the natural oils or water based varnishes that are "on top of the surface" are beautiful and natural to the eye, durable, and also very importantly repairable! Most of the UV coated flooring products on the market are notoriously difficult to repair, which is a major drawback.

In addition Zimbos Trading can tweak the colours of our floors to suit every designer and architects needs! We can match to samples, and of course adjacent joinery, skirting, and stair treads can all be matched identically to the floor. This we believe gives us a significant advantage over our competitors! For enquiries e-mail us on

Distressed Bevel

We can vary the distressed bevel on our flooring from something delicate and subtle to a heavily distressed bevel which gives a wonderfully rustic and aged feel to the timber. This again is done by our own team of experts in the factory environment.



Brushed floors are setting a trend in the market place. At Zimbo's Trading we have our own brushing facility and can brush the wood from a light brush, to a heavy brush to accentuate the colours and textures of the grain. 


 Smoking of Oak Flooring as per our Vumba range


Once again the smoking of our timber in our own smoking facility is an art that we are justly proud of! There is nothing like the smoky under tone of an exquisite Oak floor finished with a white or clear oil to really catch the eye! Below is a brief explanation in layman terms of how we smoke our oak flooring.

Andy Du Toit from Zimbos Trading explains:

"Smoking with ammonia is a traditional process. The aim is to provide tannin-bearing woods, especially oak, with warm and dark colour shades. The process, whereby the ammonia reacts with the tannin in the wood, results in beautiful colours, from light brown to dark brown up to almost black Moorish shades, which give the wood a fine and authentic look. Variations are present after the reaction takes place as some pieces have more tannin than other planks .This means that there will be shading and colour variation between planks. When finished with an appropriate high quality oil the smoked product has a beautifully natural warm under tone."